Apocalypse Ready Electric Cars

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About ApocalypsEV

We are two brothers, Michael and Kenny, who want to build street-legal electric vehicles that are affordable and apocalypse ready. While traditional car companies don't care that your current vehicle is nothing more than an out-of-gas zombie trap in a post-apocalypse wasteland, we have come up with a solution. Whether caused by the rapture, nuclear war, or (most likely) zombies, ApocalypsEV-1 is the affordable solar/battery powered transportation that allows savvy survivors to traverse the sun-baked badlands the fun way. Whether searching for pockets of civilization, water, or family, the ApocalypsEV limits the search for one valuable commodity, fuel.

At ApocalypsEV, we are humans first and promise to take firm stand against selling any of our vehicles to the undead, unlike some other car companies . While waiting for judgment day, our ApocalypsEV-1 retains practical, civilized applications. First and foremost it functions as an electric, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) while doubling as a street-legal Electric Vehicle (EV) for short commutes and errands. By lessening dependence on oil, it is hoped the ApocalypsEV-1 can help avert several apocalyptic scenarios, but if it happens despite our best efforts, we have you covered. ApocalypsEV-1 tests the feasibility of affordable EVs that are capable off-roaders and qualify as federal Neighborhood Electric Vehicle for trips to the gun or grocery store.

The ApocalypsEV Cordless Zombie Annihilator

At ApocalypsEV, our goal is to make your apoclyse as enjoyable as possible. With that mission in mind, we created the solar charged, cordless zombie annihilator. Zombie fighting energy from the sun is captured by a solar panel and stored until you need it. Then it is unleashed using proven anti-zombie chainsaw technology. While we hate the idea of parting with this one of a kind system, we are willing to barter it away for $5,000 so that we can build the first ApocalypsEV vehicle. For more information check out our IndieGoGo page

Why should I support ApocalypsEV-1?
ApocalypsEV-1 is an EV that is both street legal and off-road capable. The question is whether it will prove to be usable, which is why we need to build ApocalypsEV-1 as a test mule. If it proves usable, our ultimate goal is to create a company which offers a $5-8k (base price) EV, that can be plugged in or use built in solar to charge its battery pack. At this price, people can afford an ApocalypsEV-1 as a second car for short commutes, errands, and off-road fun.

Now that you know about the ApocalypsEV-1 concept, surviving the apocalypse, will be bittersweet if you don't help us build this handy, self-fueling vehicle. Sure, as a survivor you will have your choice of super cars or military vehicles, but they won't do you much good because there will be no gas. By helping make ApocalypsEV-1, you are ensuring your time as a survivor is that much easier. Imagine the fun you will have wearing your custom chainsaw-ninja suit while tearing through the badlands in your solar powered ApocalypsEV-1!

The ApocalypsEV-0 prototype, TWEAK

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